eBook: It Girl (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Ruth Ware 
分類: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) ,
Crime & mystery ,
Thriller / suspense ,
Fiction: special features ,
Fiction-related items  
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製造商: Simon & Schuster UK
出版日期: 2022/08/04
頁數: 352
ISBN: 9781398508378
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'Deliciously dark and utterly addictive my favourite Ruth Ware yet' Lucy FoleyEveryone wanted her lifeSomeonewanted her deadIt was Hannah who found April's body ten years ago.It was Hannah who didn't question what she saw that day.Did her testimony put an innocent man in prison?She needs to know the truth.Even if it means questioning her own friends.Even if it means putting her own life at risk.Because if the killer wasn't a stranger, its someone she knows**A new page-turning thriller from the international number one bestselling author Ruth Ware. ComingSummer 2022! Pre-order your copy now**Praise for The It Girl:A cracking read and that ending! Shari LapenaEvery Ruth Ware novel is a unique and unexpected gem and this one is no exception. A heady, tense, slowburn dream of a book, multi-layered and steeped in atmosphere and peril. I loved every page Lisa Jewell';Ruth Ware's richly-textured The It Girl is at once an engrossing murder mystery while also a perfectly crafted and haunting examination of lost youth and the compromises of adulthood, as a woman unpicks the past secrets of her university friends to finally lay to rest her murdered best friend, the dazzling April. Reminiscent of The Secret History, Ware has surpassed herself with this gripping, absorbing whodunnit. I loved it! All hail the Queen Sarah Pinborough';If you ever idly wish that Agatha Christie would write a new book, Ruth Ware has got you covered. The It Girl has all the clues, twists and red herrings you could wish for, in a thoroughly modern setting. An impeccably constructed mystery from start to finish Jane CaseyIt's brilliant. Ruth is the master of the fiendishly twisty, yet completely believable, plot Elly GriffithsJust finished The It Girl by Ruth Ware and now my life is divided in two: before and after. Before: cool, calm, chilled. After: What? No! OMG! A wild ride that's deliciously twisting, with countless gasp-out-loud moments Janice HallettA new Ruth Ware is always a treat and The It Girl is one of her best. You can almost see her smiling as she feeds you the little morsels that should help you work everything out - if only you were as clever as Ruth! As sleek and chilling as a knife between the ribs Sarah J. Naughton';Clever. Compelling and with a terrific sense of place. Ruth Ware's The It Girl grips to the end' Jane Shemilt
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