eBook: Playing with Matches (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Michael Faudet 
製造商: Andrews McMeel
分類: Poetry by individual poets  
書城編號: 24906928

原價: HK$91.00
現售: HK$86.45 節省: HK$4.55

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出版日期: 2021/11/23
頁數: 296
ISBN: 9781524876180
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Playing with Matches is the ultimate collector's edition by internationally best-selling poet, Michael Faudet. A beautiful hardcover gift book that has been personally curated by the author featuring a compilation of the best work from his five published books and thirty-five new pieces of poetry and prose for readers to discover. A wonderful addition to any bookshelf. To complement the exquisite and evocative poetry, prose, and short stories, this gorgeous book also gives readers a private glimpse into the author's life. Comprising of black and white photographs taken by Michael Faudet that capture the inspiration behind the writing.Playing with Matches is a must-have for fans of Dirty Pretty Things, Bitter Sweet Love, Smoke & Mirrors, Winter of Summers, and Cult of Two. A poetry lover's delight with an additional 35 new pieces never before published in any Michael Faudet collection. An intricate exploration of love, heartbreak, seduction, self-empowerment, and sex that will spark your imagination and ignite the flames of passion that burn inside all of us.

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