Digital Influencers and Online Expertise: The Linguistic Power of Beauty Vloggers (Hardcover)
作者: Aditi Bhatia 
分類: Language: history & general works ,
Sociolinguistics ,
Semantics & pragmatics ,
Discourse analysis ,
Literature: history & criticism ,
Regional studies ,
Economics ,
Business mathematics & systems ,
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出版社: Routledge Chapman Hall
出版日期: 2023/05/12
ISBN: 9780367820565


Based on data from beauty vlogs published by well-known YouTubers, Bhatia explores how they discursively negotiate multiple identities in a creative and participatory space, giving rise to complexities in the definition of categories such as expert, layperson, learner, and teacher in fluid and dynamic digital contexts.

In this insightful book, Bhatia sets out to investigate the interdiscursive construction of identity on YouTube. Taking a multi-methodological approach to Critical Discourse Analysis, Bhatia examines beauty vlogs at the levels of socio-cognition, language, and genre to provide a better understanding of some of the measures of success and effect as well as new practices of expertise in online communication. The book contributes to a better understanding of how young people work online, often collaboratively, to conform to or resist mainstream notions of expertise, authenticity, race, and beauty; as well as the linguistic and semiotic tools they use to perform their identity, in order to become digital entrepreneurs and cultural influencers.

Students and scholars in the field of discourse analysis, situated within the contexts of popular culture and social media, will find this book a valuable read. This volume also enhances the everyday person's understanding of the complexities of new media communication and a new generation of cultural intermediaries.

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