eBook: About Love (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Anton Chekhov, Ronald Wilks 
系列: Little Clothbound Classics
分類: Classic fiction (pre c 1945) ,
Fiction in translation  
書城編號: 25951447

售價: $130.00

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製造商: Penguin Books Ltd
出版日期: 2023/02/23
頁數: 208
ISBN: 9781802063103
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Introducing Little Clothbound Classics: irresistible, mini editions of short stories, novellas and essays from the world's greatest writers, designed by the award-winning Coralie Bickford-Smith.Celebrating the range and diversity of Penguin Classics, they take us from snowy Japan to springtime Vienna, from haunted New England to a sun-drenched Mediterranean island, and from a game of chess on the ocean to a love story on the moon. Beautifully designed and printed, these collectible editions are bound in colourful, tactile cloth and stamped with foil.Widely considered to be one of greatest ever writers of the form, Anton Chekhov's short stories offer unforgettable character, crystalline expression, and deep, powerful mystery. Collected here are five of his very best tales, 'The Lady with the Little Dog', 'The House with the Mezzanine', and the trilogy of stories, 'The Man in the Case', 'Gooseberries' and 'About Love'.
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