eBook: Fully Armed With Unbreakable Faith: A True Story (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Jennie Allison 
分類: Dreams & their interpretation ,
Personal & social issues: drugs & addiction (Children's / Teenage)  
書城編號: 25978299

售價: $130.00

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製造商: Fulton Books, Inc.
出版日期: 2023/01/11
頁數: 362
ISBN: 9798885053419
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Fully Armed with Unbreakable Faith is the true story of the spiritual awakening and the life path journey of Jo Allison, who is no one famous and is not well-known for anything other than being a pleasant and friendly person to most people who meet her. Her story, however, is very unusual and unique and at times very scary and life-threatening. Jo has spent most of her life trying to figure out her place in the world. She made choices in her life that led her down this wild and crazy life journey. After many nightmares, feeling like she was being possessed by a demon, and thought she was going crazy, Jo discovered the full armor of God. Her faith became very strong and soon was unbreakable. In her story, Jo shares all of her life experiences, some happy but some of them very dark, heartbreaking, and sad. However, it doesn't matter what the situation is; Jo can see and feel the light, and when a dark situation is lit up, she receives understanding and then miracles and signs from God, angels, the divine, and the universe. In 2020, Jo received major spiritual clarity and discovered a few hidden talents she received from God. Jo also discovered she was specifically chosen to reveal and share many spiritual truths she received through visions, dreams, and spiritual communication from God, Jesus, and angels of the highest good. Jo's intention for the book is to inspire others and put love, hope, and unbreakable faith back into the hearts of all human beings and to help heal the world. However, she does reveal some truths that will be hard for some to accept, but God wants this story told and everyone to be enlightened and informed. This book is a guide and a key that will unlock a door to anyone who reads it from front to back cover. Once you're enlightened and have gained understanding, you can go through the door. Once you get through the door, you'll be ready to level up into your next journey on your life path leading to your destiny.
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eBook: Fully Armed With Unbreakable Faith: A True Story (DRM EPUB)

Fully Armed With Unbreakable Faith: A True Story (Paperback)

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