Fungi: Discover the Science and Secrets Behind the World of Mushrooms (Hardcover)
作者: DK 
書城編號: 26017716

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出版社: Dk Pub
出版日期: 2024/01/02 (快將出版)
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ISBN: 9780744084443

A stunning, authoritative book on the fungal kingdom, uncovering the hidden world of more than 300 global species

Discover the fascinating stories behind 300 species of fungi and understand the world of mushrooms like never before!

Did you know that fungi put the fizz in champagne and the flavor in chocolate? Fungi is everywhere we look in a forest, under the sea, and in the kitchen.

In this beautiful book, leading fungal biologists Lynne Boddy and Ali Ashby bring you closer to 300 species of mushrooms and lichens through fascinating facts, mushroom datasets, and detailed illustrations. Discover some of the fastest speeds in nature, specimens that glow in the dark, and fungi that clean up oil spills.

Humans have had a close relationship with mushrooms for thousands of years--from using the shiitake for healing, to telling stories of enchanted fairy rings, to cooking gourmet dishes with rare specimens. Bringing together technology, medicine, food, culture, and nature, this fascinating book will open your eyes to the wonders of the hidden kingdom all around us.

With tips for mushroom spotting in any habitat, species identification notes, a grow-your-own guide, and more, this book is the ultimate fungi lover's companion.

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