Best of the World: 1,000 Destinations of a Lifetime (Hardcover)
作者: National Geographic 
分類: Zoos & wildlife parks ,
Travel with children / family holidays  
書城編號: 26379713

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出版社: Natl Geographic Childrens
出版日期: 2023/10/24
ISBN: 9781426222368

Discover your next great adventure in this beautifully illustrated guide to the world's best travel destinations. From the ultimate hiking trails to the most scenic train rides, the most stunning coral reefs to the most epic mountain retreats, you'll find 1,000 exceptional destinations to add to your travel bucket list!

Each of the 1,000 bucket list-worthy trips in this sumptuous volume has been carefully vetted and selected by the celebrated travel experts at National Geographic. On every page you'll find new ways to experience beloved destinations, such as a family-friendly tour of Rome's beloved ruins or a foodie tour of New York City, as well as hidden gems around the globe, including a cloud forest in the mountains of Ecuador and a kite surfing excursion off the coast of Spain. Plus, find detailed road trips to places near (Charleston, South Carolina) and far (a grand tour of Switzerland), along with top 10 lists from the best ski resorts to the best green hotels. Discover majestic nature escapes, family getaways, cultural hot spots, remarkable cityscapes, and one-of-a-kind thrills in this beautifully illustrated collection that will help you find your next exhilarating destination.

So get ready to pack your bags...this inspired collection will leave ready to experience the ultimate travel adventure!

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