The Night Before Kindergarten (paperback)
作者: Natasha Wing 
出版社: Grosset & Dunlap
書城編號: 266217

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出版日期: 2001/07/09
重量: 0.09 kg
ISBN-10: 0448425009
ISBN-13: 9780448425009

'Twas the night before kindergarten,
and as they prepared,

kids were excited,
and a little bit scared.

It's the first day of school Join the kids as they prepare for kindergarten, packing school supplies, posing for pictures, and the hardest part of all--saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. But maybe it won't be so hard once they discover just how much fun kindergarten really is Colorful illustrations illuminate this uplifting takeoff on the classic Clement C. Moore Christmas poem.

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