Tabby McTat Says Miaow! (Board book)
作者: Julia Donaldson 
分類: Baby books ,
Interactive & activity books & packs ,
Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
Animal stories (Children's / Teenage) ,
For children c 0-2 years  
書城編號: 26933857

原價: HK$126.00
現售: HK$119.7 節省: HK$6.3

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出版社: Scholastic
出版日期: 2023/11/09
頁數: 10
尺寸: 185 x 185 x 21 mm
ISBN: 9780702329845

The purrfect bestseller, Tabby McTat, now stars in a board book witha super fun "Miaow!" sound that children will love!The brass band toots and the dog goes woof . but Tabby McTat saysMIAOW!Push the button to make Tabby McTat say miaow in this beautiful boardbook, perfect for younger children!
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