eBook: How To Die Famous (mp3 zips)
電子書格式: mp3 zips
作者: Benjamin Dean, Nerissa Bradley, Chase Brown, Troy Glasgow, Julie Rogers 
分類: General fiction (Children's / Teenage)  
書城編號: 27034401

原價: HK$260.00
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製造商: Simon & Schuster Ltd
出版日期: 2023/07/20
ISBN: 9781398512597

From award-winning author Benjamin Dean comes a deliciously dark and addictive YA thriller following the lives of Gen Z's rich and famous through the lens of an undercover teen journalist. Perfect for fans of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and One of Us is Lying. 'A tense, page-turning YA showbiz thriller' The Guardian 'This [book] has "Netflix adaptation" written all over it.' The Bookseller London-born Abel has landed the role of a lifetime for an upcoming blockbuster. On the face of it he's Hollywood's latest teen star, but below the surface he's an undercover journalist on a mission to expose the 'squeaky clean' entertainment industry and the part they played in his brother's 'accidental' death. As Abel steps into the spotlight alongside fellow actors Lucky, Ryan and Ella, he soon discovers that beneath the glittering surface of fame and riches lies a darker world of secrecy, scandal and murder. Nobody is who they seem when the cameras are off, and everybody has something to hide. But who's next in line to die famous? Drawing on his previous career as a celebrity journalist, Benjamin Dean examines the dark underbelly of showbiz, leaving no stone unturned. PRAISE FOR BENJAMIN DEAN'S THE KING IS DEAD: 'Benjamin Dean has written a royal triumph.' Juno Dawson, author of Clean 'All hail this exquisitely twisty, delightfully queer mystery.' Chelsea Pitcher, author of This Lie Will Kill You 'A compelling thriller that stays with you long after you've finished reading.' Kathryn Foxfield, author of Good Girls Die First 'More jaw-dropping, OMG-twists than even the most salacious tabloid journalist could create.' Erik J. Brown, author of All That's Left in the World 'One page-burning scandal after another. Benjamin Dean is YA royalty.' Femi Fadugba, author of The Upper World 'Addictive, compelling, and utterly delicious.' Simon James Green, author of Noah Can't Even
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