eBook: House-at-the-Corner (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: Enid Blyton 
書城編號: 27076309

售價: $8.00

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製造商: Alien Ebooks
出版日期: 2023/06/03
頁數: 105
ISBN: 9781667624747

What is it that makes the House-at-the-Corner different from any other house in the world? The Farrell family lives there - five children and their father and mother.Life in the House-at-the-Corner is much like any other place, until waspish Aunt Grace comes to stay. She is very sharp-tongued with a habit of interfering in other people's affairs - particularly the children's.Adventures soon start to happen thick and fast and life in the house is never the same again!
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