Jacob's Room (Paperback)
作者: Virginia Woolf 
書城編號: 27224627

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出版社: Manjul Pub House Pvt Ltd
出版日期: 2023/07/27
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ISBN: 9789358042504

In Jacob's Room, Virginia Woolf takes readers on a journey through the life of Jacob Flanders, a young man coming of age in early 20th-century England. Through Woolf's vivid and evocative prose, we see Jacob navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and societal expectations as he grows from a boy into a man. Woolf's experimental narrative style and use of stream of consciousness add a layer of depth to the story, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in Jacob's thoughts and experiences. As we follow Jacob through his life, we also witness the changing world around him, from the political upheaval of World War I to the shifting social norms of the time. Through it all, Woolf's writing captures the essence of a generation coming of age in a rapidly changing world.
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