2025 Planner Pause and Pray (Paperback)
作者: Compiled by Barbour Staff 
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出版社: Barbour Publ Inc
出版日期: 2024/07/01 (快將出版)
ISBN: 9781636098692


Want to discover the secret to a fulfilling life? Ideal for personal, business, or school use, this practical and encouraging Pause and Pray 17-month planner includes inspiring monthly devotional-like prayers, plus faith-building scripture selections and prayer starters for every week of the calendar year. Featuring monthly and weekly calendars, a year-at-a-glance section, pages for frequent contacts, and more, this planner offers an important reminder for organizing the details of everyday life: the all-powerful God you serve is interested in everything you have to say--every day of the year!

Features of this 2025 Planner:

  • 17-Month Planner Spans August 2024 through December 2025!
  • Monthly & Weekly Calendars & Goal-Setting Sections
  • Delightful, Two-Color Interior Design
  • Monthly Inspiring Devotional-like Prayers
  • Encouraging Prayers & Scripture Selections on Every Spread
  • Generous Space for Recording Appointments and Events
  • Durable, but Flexible, Cover

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