eBook: Children of Zeta (DRM EPUB)
電子書格式: DRM EPUB
作者: "Rod" "Mortin" 
系列: Zeta
分類: Tribal religions  
書城編號: 27674293

原價: HK$110.00
現售: HK$104.5 節省: HK$5.5

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製造商: Scribl
出版日期: 2024/01/09
ISBN: 9798890742148

Galactic support for the Zeta colony has grown while the power and resources of The Order continues to shrink. Exposed as a dark and manipulative force, The Order's hold on planetary governments throughout the galaxy has been broken. Desperate to restore their lost power, black ops teams with secret ties to The Order begin a campaign to gain control of Zeta.Rather than a direct assault on the government of Zeta, the black ops agents target people under age 30. Some are blackmailed, others are infected with mind-controlling nanobots, and one person is bio-engineered to be their weapon. The black ops agents decide to destroy the new civic center, but not until the dedication ceremony when it will be filled with the supporters and citizens of Zeta.Will they succeed in rendering Zeta helpless and inciting a return to control by The Order? Can the team of Dolana, Alon, Shanra, and Derrik discover the plot and stop it in time? Will love prove stronger than the desire for stability?Children of Zeta, book seven by author Rod Mortin, builds upon the story developed in the Paths trilogy and the Oen and Jarred trilogy to deliver another action-packed examination of shared strengths versus tribalism.

eBook: Children of Zeta (DRM EPUB)

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