Gin Drinker's Toolkit (Hardcover)
作者: Mick Wüst 
分類: Spirits & cocktails ,
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書城編號: 27859530

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出版社: Rockpool Pub
出版日期: 2024/09/03 (快將出版)
重量: 45.3 kg
ISBN: 9781922662088

Equip yourself to navigate the world of gin.

Make the most of gin's resurgence in popularity with the Gin Drinker's Toolkit. Leading beverage blogger Mick Wust ( doesn't take himself or gin drinking too seriously and gives you the tools to navigate the world of gin - without turning you into a tool yourself. Entertains and educates on the history of gin, the distilling process, gin styles, mixes and glasses. Explores which gin to drink when. Gin Drinker's Toolkit is more like learning from a chat in a bar than sitting through a lecture. It's like going to giniversity. Light and readable hardcover book that any gin drinker would love to read or receive. Funky, illustrated compact design. Learn all about this classic spirit.

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