Modern Upholstery: Discover the Joy of Transforming Your Furniture (Hardcover)
作者: Micaela Sharp 
分類: Furniture design ,
Needlework & fabric crafts ,
Interior design, decor & style guides  
書城編號: 27865997

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出版社: Hardie Grant Books
出版日期: 2024/08/27 (快將出版)
ISBN: 9781784887278

Modern Upholstery is a contemporary guide designed to demystify the art of upholstery and inspire you to boldly transform your own furniture.

When it comes to furniture, all too often we can feel stuck between buying pieces that are mass produced and low-quality and those that are astronomically expensive and out of our price range. Micaela Sharp shows us that with a few new skills, some tools, and the desire to learn, we can forge a more sustainable path when it comes to furnishing our homes. With information on how to source second-hand furniture and find the most beautiful independent fabrics you'll be able to create more sustainable, and personal pieces that will be cherished for years and stand out from the crowd.

Along with oodles of inspiration, the book teaches versatile core techniques, from stripping back and handling webbing, through to decorative skills such as adding piping or frills, which you can use and adapt to whatever style of furniture you have in your home. There are also four in-depth projects that you can make along with Micaela to really bring a unique sense of style to your home: a headboard, footstool, window-seat cushion, and armchair.

Be inspired to learn new skills, confidently find your own style and give your furniture a show-stopping colorful makeover.

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