ESV Everyday Gospel Bible: Connecting Scripture to All of Life (Genuine Leather, Black) (Leather)
作者: Paul David Tripp 
分類: Bibles ,
Prayers & liturgical material  
書城編號: 27945228

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出版社: Crossway Books
出版日期: 2024/09/24 (快將出版)
ISBN: 9781433595714


365 Daily Devotions from Paul David Tripp Guide Readers through the Bible in a Year, Connecting the Gospel to All of Life from Genesis to Revelation

Christians know that daily Scripture reading is an essential spiritual discipline. But sometimes opening the Bible day in and day out can feel like a burden, rather than the joy and gift that it is. Spending a few minutes reflecting on the truths found within God's word can strengthen your faith, help you resist sin, and inspire you to live for the eternal, unshakeable kingdom of God.

The ESV Everyday Gospel Bible features 365 daily devotional commentaries by Paul David Tripp embedded within the full ESV Bible text that follows an annual Bible reading plan. Along with gospel-rich introductions to each book of Scripture, Tripp highlights 120 doctrinal sidebars throughout, applying each to everyday life. The Bible concludes with 12 full-length articles in the back addressing real-life struggles such as anxiety, pride, sexuality, money, marriage, parenting, church, and work. Journeying with readers through a rich study of God's Word, Tripp leads believers into a daily experience of the rescuing and renewing grace of God.

  • Created for Rich, Applicable Bible Study: Follows a 365-day Bible reading plan, helping readers make explicit connections between Scripture and their everyday lives
  • Supplemental Resources: This full ESV Bible features 365 daily devotions, 120 sidebars, 12 articles, and Bible book introductions
  • With Content by Paul David Tripp: Theologian, pastor, and bestselling author of New Morning Mercies presents gospel-rich content that is biblically grounded and theologically responsible
  • Part of the Everyday Gospel Suite
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