The Iron Heel (Paperback)
作者: Jack London 
書城編號: 27973301

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出版社: Waking Lion Pr
出版日期: 2024/01/02
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ISBN: 9781434105417


It is the early 20th century and the mysterious oligarchy known as "The Iron Heel" has risen to power in the United States, establishing a brutal authoritarian regime. Fearless activist Avis Everhard attempts to alert an incredulous public to the creeping danger of the emerging plutocracy and its plans for complete subjugation of the working classes.

As Everhard and her fellow socialist revolutionary Ernest rise to prominence, a violent political struggle erupts, with the Iron Heel ruthlessly determined to protect its grip on power at any cost. Everhard risks her life to document the truth as militant unions and guerilla forces take up arms against the brutal capitalist dictatorship.

But defeating the technology-enabled Iron Heel proves a far greater challenge than anticipated. Despite bloody repression and fabricated propaganda, the grinding wheels of dictatorship tighten inexorably as the regime's figurehead "Oligarchs" are revealed as puppets of a shadowy elite.

Jack London's 1908 novel blends politics, technological speculation, action, and romance while offering his chilling vision of a dystopian American future under the boot of a fascistic one-percent-a seminal work of political speculative fiction that foreshadows many of the issues we face in our modern age.

Newly designed and typeset, printed on archival-quality, acid-free paper

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