Your Story Has a Villain Bible Study Guide Plus Streaming Video: Identify Spiritual Warfare and Learn How to Defeat the Enemy (Paperback)
作者: Jonathan Pokluda 
分類: Bibles ,
Biblical studies & exegesis ,
Christian life & practice ,
Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works  
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出版社: Nelsonword Pub Group
出版日期: 2025/01/28 (快將出版)
ISBN: 9780310169826


There is an enemy among us. You may know who he is, but you may not know what he is about or how he operates. Do you know how he targets you? Do you know how he wants to change your story? Do you know about his schemes to keep you isolated, powerless, discouraged, and defeated?

In Your Story Has a Villain, bestselling author Jonathan "JP" Pokluda explores how Satan waged a war with the Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and how his sole desire is now to keep you from God's goodness. Satan knows that he has been defeated by Jesus' death and resurrection, but until the final battle when he is cast into hell for eternity, he and his demons are free to roam the earth like a roaring lion looking for anyone to devour. He is far more disruptive to you than you realize.

It's time to take action against the villain in your story. In this study, you will learn how to:

  • Stand against the thief of life, who wants to take you out.
  • Understand the tactics the Enemy utilizes in your life.
  • Align yourself with God through prayer as you battle each day.
  • Rely on the truth and power of Scripture to counter the Enemy's lies and accusations.
  • Know that Jesus has already defeated Satan, so you can live victoriously.

As a follower of Jesus, you have everything you need to demolish every attack, destroy every accusation. and defeat the enemy. You know the final outcome, but the battle still rages. Are you ready?

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Your Story Has a Villain: Identify Spiritual Warfare and Learn How to Defeat the Enemy (Paperback)

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