The Word Collector (hardcover)
作者: Sonja Wimmer 
書城編號: 284674

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出版社: Cuento de Luz SL
出版日期: 2012/04/01
重量: 0.52 kg
ISBN: 9788415241348
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Winner at the 2011 Moonbeam Children's Book AwardsThe Word Collector is a magical, heart-warming story about a young girl who shares her love of words to help people feeling lost and blue.Luna lives high, high up in the sky. So high that her homeland couldn't be seen from the ground. She is an extraordinary little girl, one of a kind. Luna has the most special endearing pastime: she likes to collect words. She prefers beautiful words, funny words that make you burst into laughter when you pronounce them, and words that fill your heart with joy and fill your soul for a very long time.But one day, everything changed, and the words that Luna had guarded with so much care started disappearing one by one. What was happening? Luna wonders. She learns that people are forgetting all the beautiful words. They stopped thinking words were important.Determined and ready to find a solution, Luna sets out with her beautiful words to convince humanity of the importance of sharing joy and happiness.
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The Word Collector (hardcover)

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