Inside Little Britain (Paperback)
作者: Matt Lucas 
出版社: Ebury Press
出版日期: 2007/10/01
尺寸: 199x126x34mm
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ISBN-10: 0091914426
ISBN-13: 9780091914424
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Written together with friend and journalist Boyd Hilton, this is a look at a year in the lives of Matt Lucas and David Walliams--the good, the bad, the mundane, and the monumental. The year covered includes a mammoth nine-month Spinal Tap-esque tour where Little Britain goes in search of Great Britain. This milestone book offers an unrivaled close-up of a classic British comedy act, as it happens, at the height of its powers. But it is also a journey into their pasts, reflecting on how they achieved their success. It covers their childhoods, family life, and early comedy performances as they found their feet; their complex friendship and working relationship; and the increasingly insane world they now inhabit. Mixing memoir and travelogue to paint an engrossing portrait of fame and comic genius, Inside Little Britain is a candid look inside the celebrity bubble in all its glamour and awfulness.

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Inside Little Britain (Paperback)

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