The Curiosity Muscle (Hardcover)
作者: Diana Kander 
出版社: Lightning Source Inc
出版日期: 2018/07/24
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ISBN-10: 0692135944
ISBN-13: 9780692135945
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Toys 'R' Us. Kodak. Blockbuster. Why is it that some companies evolve while others get left in the dust? How do they lose their relevance with customers? The scary truth is that the only thing harder than getting to the top is staying there. It may sound counterintuitive, but in many cases, it is the success of a company that eventually leads to its downfall.

So what does it take to stay competitive and relevant when what customers went wild for yesterday is the boring, banal, bare minimum they'll accept today?

Through the story of the rise and plateau of a gym franchise recounted as a novel, The Curiosity Muscle shows exactly why most companies reaching the peak of their potential lose their curiosity and crash into irrelevance. From how we develop blind spots about our business to the pitfalls of feeling like an expert, this thought-provoking, engaging tale reveals the smokescreens obscuring imminent threats to long-term viability and walks you through specific ways to boost innovation, uncover customer needs, solve problems, create new value for customers, and increase employee engagement.

Most importantly, The Curiosity Muscle demonstrates why curiosity is your greatest asset, driving constant innovation and improvement and helps you ask the essential questions that will take your business from stagnant to soaring. By continuing to work your curiously muscle over time, you can help your company thrive and become competitive on more than price alone--ultimately, future-proofing your business.

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