Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5 (Paperback)
作者: Bridget Heos 
出版社: Workman Publishing
書城編號: 3499814

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出版日期: 2015/05/05
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ISBN: 9780761182788

The ultimate 5th-grade workbook, with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises, and games in every subject

It's fun to be smart Loved by kids, teacher approved, and parent trusted, Brain Quest Grade 5 Workbook reviews and reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom in an instantly engaging, entertaining way. Each page is jam packed with hands-on activities and games covering spelling and vocabulary, language arts, math skills and word problems, multiplication and division, fraction and decimals, social studies, and much, much more--with friendly illustrations throughout.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards and expertly vetted by award-winning teachers, this workbook is designed to appeal to kids' natural curiosity, with interactive layouts and easy-to-follow explanations that take the intimidation out of learning. Plus, it's written to help parents follow along and explain key concepts for homework help With colorful stickers, a fold-out poster, award certificate, and Brain Quest Mini Decks in the back.

Also available: Summer Brain Quest Workbooks (Pre-K & K through Grades 5 & 6) and Brain Quest Decks (Pre-K through Grade 7).

Brain Quest Grade 4 Workbook [With Over 150 Stickers and Mini-Card Deck and Fold-Out 7 Continents (paperback)

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