Archaeology (Paperback)
作者: Paul Bahn 
分類: Archaeology  
書城編號: 363780

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出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2004/12/13
尺寸: 216x139x24mm
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ISBN: 9780415317580
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From two of the best-known archaeological writers in the trade, this outstanding resource provides a thorough survey of the key ideas in archaeology, and how they impact on archaeological thinking and method.

Clearly written, and easy to follow, Archaeology: The Key Concepts collates entries written specifically by field specialists, and each entry offers a definition of the term, its origins and development, and all the major figures involved in the area.

The entries include:

  • thinking about landscape
  • archaeology of cult and religion
  • cultural evolution
  • concepts of time
  • urban societies
  • the antiquity of humankind
  • archaeology of gender
  • feminist archaeology
  • experimental archaeology
  • multiregional evolution.

With guides to further reading, extensive cross-referencing, and accessibly written for even beginner students, this book is a superb guide for anyone studying, teaching, or with any interest in this fascinating subject.

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