The City: The Basics
作者: Kevin Archer 
分類: Urban communities ,
Human geography  
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出版社: Taylor & Francis
出版日期: 2012/08/16
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ISBN: 9780415670791


The City: The Basics provides a brief yet compelling overview of the study of cities and city life. The book draws on a range of perspectives – economic, political, cultural, and environmental aspects are all considered – to provide a broad comparison of the evolution of cities in the rich Global North and the poorer Global South. Topics covered in the book include:
a brief history of cities from ancient times to the post-modern present the differences between "global cities" in the North and "megacities" in the South the environmental impact of urban life and the idea of sustainable cities urban planning, urban politics and urban poverty.

Featuring suggestions for further reading, recommended websites and a number of maps and illustrations, this is the ideal starting point for those interested in any aspect of cities or urban studies.


‘The City: The Basics approaches the very broad, complex and interdisciplinary topic of "the city" in a style and manner where students of all levels will learn something new.’ - Bernadette Hanlon, Ohio State University, USA


1. Cities and City Life 2. Cities as the Source of Civilization 3. From Trading to Industrial Cities 4. From Industrial to Post-Industrial Cities 5. City Economics 6. City Politics 7. City Culture 8. City Environment 9. City Planning 10. City Futures

Author Bio

Kevin Archer is Chair of the Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning at the University of South Florida. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on urban issues, globalization, and the production of nature.

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eBook: City: The Basics (DRM EPUB)

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The City: The Basics

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