Headhunting and the Body in Iron Age Europe (Hardcover)
作者: Ian Armit 
分類: European history ,
Ancient history: to c 500 CE ,
Social & cultural history  
書城編號: 388757

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出版社: Cambridge University Press
出版日期: 2012/03/19
尺寸: 260x190x22mm
重量: 627 grams
ISBN: 9780521877565

Across Iron Age Europe the human head carried symbolic associations with power, fertility status, gender, and more. Evidence for the removal, curation, and display of heads ranges from classical literary references to iconography and skeletal remains. Traditionally, this material has been associated with a Europe-wide "head-cult," and used to support the idea of a unified Celtic culture in prehistory. This book demonstrates instead how headhunting and head-veneration were practised across a range of diverse and fragmented Iron Age societies. Using case studies from France, Britain, and elsewhere, it explores the complex and subtle relationships between power, religion, warfare, and violence in Iron Age Europe.
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