Whale Done Parenting (Paperback)
作者: Ken Blanchard 
出版社: Berrett-Koehler
出版日期: 2009/10/01
尺寸: 216x142x19mm
重量: 245 grams
ISBN-10: 1605093483
ISBN-13: 9781605093482
書城編號: 529973

原價: HK$192.00
現售: HK$182.4 節省: HK$9.6

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"How is it they can get a killer whale to urinate on cue, and we can't get our son to pee into the toilet?"

Amy Sheldrake, young mother and killer whale trainer-in-training, marvels at the complex behaviors her superiors at SeaWorld are able to coax out of these enormous beasts, while she and her husband struggle to make their beloved--and much smaller--son Josh obey the simplest rules. Using the story approach popularized by Ken Blanchard in his many bestsellers, this unique parenting book draws on the experiences of two of the coauthors--as both pioneering marine mammal trainers and as parents--to show how the same principles that induce killer whales to leap into the air can persuade young children to go quietly to bed.

Like Amy and her husband Matt, once you get the hang of the three Whale Done principles, you'll see a dramatic difference in overcoming challenges like following bedtime routines, dealing with tantrums, introducing new foods, sharing, avoiding overuse of the word no, learning to care for a pet, and instituting time-outs.

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