AS Level Psychology: 5th Edition


作者: Michael Eysenck 
出版社: Taylor & Francis
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出版日期: 2012/08
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ISBN: 9781848721159


This thoroughly updated, full colour, fifth edition of AS Level Psychology has been completely revised to match the requirements of the latest AQA-A specification. It takes a new streamlined approach, focusing only on exactly what the students need to know to pass their exams with flying colours.

The book covers six key areas in psychology:


Early Social Development

Research Methods


Social Influence


Written by Michael W. Eysenck, one of Europe’s leading psychologists, in his trademark accessible, student-friendly style, the chapters present concise and focused coverage of all topics covered in the AS Level Psychology syllabus. In accordance with the AQA-A specification, the book focuses on the nature and scope of psychology as a science with an emphasis on how science works, and provides guidance on how to engage students in practical scientific research activities. Numerous textbook features are provided to aid understanding.

As in previous editions the book is packed with advice on exam technique which will give students the best possible chance of achieving the highest grades. A chapter is devoted to ‘preparing for the AS Exam’ with guidance on how to study and how to pass. Hints and tips on picking up marks are frequent throughout the text.

AS Level Psychology, Fifth Edition is supported by extensive online resources. The student resources include weblinks, points for discussion, a comprehensive glossary, and also flash cards. We also provide teacher resources which include exercises for use in lessons, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a chapter-by-chapter multiple-choice question test bank.


"This book provides a thorough coverage of the Specification, and is written in Eysenck’s usual clear and interesting style. Each chapter starts with a ‘what you need to know’ section explaining the basics; colour-coded boxes provide definitions of Key Terms, Examnd How Science Works, and the diagrams, section summaries and revision questions consolidate understanding. Photographs, cartoons and fascinating case studies bring Psychology to life. This is far more than a study aid; it is simply a wonderful book which students will love to read." - Diana Jackson-Dwyer, Head of Psychology, The West Bridgford School

"The Fifth Edition of AS Level Psychology has a new layout with a fully updated text. The use of clear, accessible explanations is a joy. The flow diagrams and charts make things easy to understand and remember. I’d recommend this for all students, and there is also plenty here for the really able student." - Evie Bentley, Advisor for Psychology, West Sussex Adult and Community Learning

Author Bio

Michael W. Eysenck is one of the best-known psychologists in Europe. He is Emeritus Professor of Psychology in the psychology department at Royal Holloway University of London. He is especially interested in cognitive psychology (about w...

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