Mindreaders: The Cognitive Basis of "Theory of Mind"
作者: Ian Apperly 
分類: Child & developmental psychology ,
Cognition & cognitive psychology  
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出版社: Psychology Press
出版日期: 2012/10/21
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ISBN: 9780415655583


Theory of mind, or "mindreading" as it is termed in this book, is the ability to think about beliefs, desires, knowledge and intentions. It has been studied extensively by developmental and comparative psychologists and more recently by neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists. This book is the first to draw together these diverse findings in an account of the cognitive basis of "theory of mind", and establishes the systematic study of these abilities in adults as a new field of enquiry.

Apperly focuses on perceptions, knowledge and beliefs as paradigm cases of mindreading, and uses this as a basis from which more general lessons can be drawn. The book argues that an account of the cognitive basis of mindreading is necessary for making sense of findings from neuroscience and developmental and comparative psychology, as well as for understanding how mindreading fits more broadly into the cognitive system. It questions standard philosophical accounts of mindreading, and suggests a move away from the notion that it consists simply of having a "theory of mind".

This unique study into the cognitive basis of mindreading will be ideal reading for academics and advanced students from the diverse disciplines that have studied theory of mind in particular, and social cognition more generally.


"Apperly works methodically through a wealth of complex studies to develop an account of what mind-reading is, and of the cognitive processes that support it. … Mindreaders is carefully argued, marshals an extraordinary amount of data, and makes a series of claims that are striking and original in their application to mind-reading. It makes a valuable contribution to the debate about the nature and complexity of the cognitive abilities that underlie our navigation of the social world, and should be studied carefully by those who work in this field." – Richard Moore, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany, in Journal of Consciousness Studies

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Mindreaders: The Cognitive Basis of "Theory of Mind"

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Mindreaders (Hardcover)

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