Essential German Grammar: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Reference)
作者: Jenny Russ 
書城編號: 686649

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出版社: McGraw-Hill
出版日期: 2011/04
頁數: 272
ISBN: 9780071763998

Introduction / How to use this book / Functional Grammar / Asking for and giving personal information / Introducing and identifying people, places and things / Expressing existence and availability / Expressing location / Talking about the present / Expressing likes and dislikes / Expressing wants and preferences / Expressing permission and ability / Expressing obligation and necessity / Asking for and giving opinions / Talking about habitual actions / Expressing possession / Giving directions and instructions / Making requests and offers / Describing people, places and things / Referring to future plans and events / Describing the past / Talking about the recent past / Describing processes and procedures / Reporting what was said and asked / Expressing conditions / Reference Grammar / Pronunciation / Nouns / Declension of determiners / Declension of personal pronouns / Adjectives / The use of the cases / Adverbs / Numbers and dates / Verbs / Tenses / The subjunctive mood / The imperative mood / The passive voice / Word order / Subordinate clauses / Glossary of grammatical terms / Taking it further

Jenny Russ 作者作品表

eBook: German Grammar You Really Need To Know: Teach Yourself (DRM EPUB)

eBook: Essential German Grammar: Teach Yourself (DRM EPUB)

Essential German Grammar: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Reference)

Teach Yourself German Grammar You Really Need to Know (Paperback)

Teach Yourself Essential German Grammar

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