Gregory's Shadow
作者: Don Freeman 
出版社: Puffin Books New York
系列: Picture Puffin Books (Paperback)
書城編號: 746052

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出版日期: 2002/12/30
頁數: 32
重量: 0.11 kg
ISBN-10: 0142301965
ISBN-13: 9780142301968

Gregory is a shy groundhog, and having his friend Shadow close by makes him feel brave. But one day Gregory and Shadow go outside to look for food, and they get separated. Scared and lonely, they search and search for one another. To make matters worse, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and everyone will be waiting to see if Gregory and his shadow leave their home together. Will the two friends find each other in time for Groundhog Day?

Freeman's adorable, loosely sketched illustrations are colored in a palette of blues for the snowscapes and earth tones for the underground scenes. The simple story line is just right for preschoolers. (Booklist)

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