The Hungering God Novel
作者: Alan Bligh, John French 
出版社: Fantasy Flight Games
書城編號: 764703

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出版日期: 2013/12
頁數: 96
ISBN-10: 1616618043
ISBN-13: 9781616618049

FFGNAH06 Arkham Horror The Hungering God (Novel) Fantasy Flight

Written by Alan Bligh and John French, The Hungering God is the third and final novel in The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy and based on the beloved Arkham Horror board game. As a rising tide of strange events and unexplained disappearances envelop the small town of Arkham, only a few souls suspect the horrifying truth: The Lord of Nightmares will soon walk the earth to leave destruction and madness in its wake. Can a handful of unlikely heroes save mankind from an ancient and unspeakable evil?

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