The Vault (B-Trade Pbk)
作者: Emily McKay 
出版社: Berkley Trade
出版日期: 2014/12/02
重量: 0.32 kg
ISBN-10: 0425275884
ISBN-13: 9780425275887
書城編號: 870323
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原價: HK$100.00
現售: HK$95 節省: HK$5

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There is no rest for the damned in this thrilling follow-up to Emily McKay's The Lair and The Farm, in a series New York Times bestselling author Chloe Neill calls, Equal parts Resident Evil and Hunger Games.

In a world where vampires rule and teenaged humans are quarantined as a food source, there is only one choice--resist or die. But fighting the vampires comes at a terrible cost to twin sisters Mel and Lily and their best friend Carter . . .

With Lily exposed to the vampire virus and lying in a coma, it's up to Mel and Carter to search for the cure. Time is not on their side. With every passing heartbeat, Mel is becoming more and more purely vampire.

Desperate, Carter and Mel decide to split up. Carter will recruit human rebels from the Farm in San Angelo to infiltrate the guarded kingdom of the vampire Sabrina and steal the cure. Mel will go back to her mentor, her friend, her betrayer, Sebastian, who is the only one who can access an underground vault that may house the secret to the cure.

That is, if he's still alive after she staked him to the ground. Now her worst enemy may be their best hope for curing Lily--and saving the human race.

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