Twice Blessed: Two Amish Christmas Stories (paperback)
作者: Barbara Cameron 
出版社: Abingdon Press
分類: Adult & contemporary romance ,
Religious & spiritual fiction  
書城編號: 972713

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出版日期: 2015/09/15
重量: 0.35 kg
ISBN: 9781630881115

About Her Sister's Shadow Katie and Rosie Stoltzfus work part-time in an Amish store and part-time in Two Peas in a Pod, their own business raising vegetables and fruits and canning them for sale. Although they are identical twins, their personalities are very different: while Katie has always been more outgoing and attractive to boys, Rosie has always felt in her sister's shadow. It will take an unexpected business opportunity and one very special man to help Rosie see that she's a unique woman of her own. About His Brother's Keeper Ever since they were boys, Ben Fisher has trailed after his brother, Mark. Ben has always envied Mark because he's always been more adventurous, but he's even more jealous now that Mark is engaged to Ruth, a woman they both love. When a terrible accident on Christmas Eve results in their mistaken identity, Ben suddenly has an opportunity to create the life he's always wanted. While everyone believes he is his brother, who's still in a coma, Ben finally has a chance with Ruth. But how can he realize an opportunity for real happiness if it means deceiving his kin?

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